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How to start me up: building my creative hub


European Creative Hubs Skills Workshop #1 | Wednesday March 22nd – Thursday 23nd | @Matadero, Madrid, Spain


EUROPEAN CREATIVE HUBS NETWORK announces its first skills workshop for creative hub leaders in Madrid, Spain.

Factoría Cultural and the consortium partners of the European Creative Hubs Network (ECHN), a project co-funded by the European Commission through the Creative Europe programme, announce a two-day international workshop titled “How to start me up: building my creative hub”, to be held in Madrid from 22nd to 23rd March 2017.

The ECHN Skills Workshop #1, organised and hosted by Factoría Cultural, is the first one in a series of three workshops which aim to build the professional capacity of creative hub leaders by developing tailored support and skills development tools.


An open call for participation is currently running for all interested creative hub leaders, managers or representatives from across Europe. The deadline to apply is 26 February 2017.



Within this first workshop, Factoría Cultural and the ECHN partners, have set-out to help creative hub leaders who are at the beginning of their professional road, to identify key elements for the day-to-day running of their creative hubs, from financial sustainability, to building a community or setting up an education platform. The workshop intends to offer multiple examples and practical tools and tips to help identify the values of a creative hub and build on them towards a strong community, sustainability and social/economic impact.

In contrast with the series of large-scale Fora organised by ECHN in Belgrade or Athens, these workshops are small-scale practical meetings (maximum 25 participants) with the objective of efficiently developing and improving the skills of a small groups of creative hub leaders. The workshops should be able to lead to concrete and meaningful learning outcomes, which the participants will be able to cascade, disseminate and put into practice after the workshop, at their local level.

Conceived with this practical ambition, the layout of this workshop combines showcase keynotes by international renowned speakers in an interactive dynamic, case studies focused on process, “show & tell” (3’ presentations on projects), station workshops or lessons-learnt sessions, allowing the attendees to connect with peers, learn from other creative hubs experiences, exchange best practices and strengthen skills.


Gedfried Stocker (Artistic Director of Ars Electronica Festival, Managing Director of the Ars Electronica Center and the Ars Electronica FutureLab) will deliver the opening keynote focused on the importance of interacting cross-sectorally between arts, science and technology in order to foster innovation. On the second keynote, Juan Manuel Revuelta (General Director, Finnova Foundation, Belgium) will provide the attendees with recommendations to cultivate international collaboration, after his experience on entrepreneurship and innovation in the fields of cultural industries and tourism in Europe.

Practicalities will be a series of 20-minute presentations delivered by leading creative hub managers to gather tools for the trade on specific keys (sustainability, methodology, talent, community, growing business…), including Steven Hearn (CRÉATIS, Gaîté Lyrique Paris), Judith Tolley (Manager Centre for Fashion Enterprise (CFE) London), Roberto Yeste (Senior New Business Development Manager for PlayStation Iberia. PS Game Camp at Factoría Madrid and Seville), Gillian Easson (Co-founder Creative Dundee UK/Scotland) or Mikel Oleaga (Director of Projects at ImpactHub Madrid, Madrid).

Meanwhile, the station workshops will stress the importance of giving support in order to gain support, with the participation of creative hub leaders (Vassilis Haralambidis, Artistic Director and Founding Member of Bios from Athens, Cristina Arroyo and Henar León, from Factoría Cultural Madrid, Sevilla and Murcia or Cecilia Tham, Founding Director MOB Makers of Barcelona), artists and cultural managers (Ainara Martín Blanco, San Sebastián).

Lastly, Prof. Bree and Prof. Cano, Directors of Factoría´s Innovation Programme, Deusto University, Bilbao and Madrid, will run the Business Model Innovation Workshop to to understand innovative frameworks and their application in the CCIs.

In addition to the series of workshops, ECHN is working to collate the learning content of the workshops into one open source toolkit. This toolkit will contain aspects of presentations, and will be made available to the public (i.e. the hub members) online and for free.




We are currently running an open call for participation in this workshop, with the aim of identifying a diverse group of hub leaders from across Europe, who have been running a hub for for only a few months to a couple of years.

Interested creative hub leaders should fill in this online application form:

The ECHN team will run a selection process of participants, based on the responses in the application form. In case your application is successful, you will be contacted by Factoria Cultural staff in order to organise the logistics of your stay in Madrid.

The workshop will come in a condensed format, gathering a maximum number of 25 participants, in order to allow for an effective training atmosphere.

The full workshop agenda will be available and communicated on 1st March 2017.



  • Wednesday March 22 – afternoon sessions starting with 13.30 local time
  • Thursday March 23 – morning sessions until 14.00 local time

In case that your application to participate is selected, we will be able to cover expenses for one representative of your organisation – accommodation costs for one night (March 22 to 23) and a travel stipend – as outlined below:

  • accommodation in Madrid – 1 night booked and covered directly by Factoria Cultural – organised by Factoria Cultural
  • travel stipend towards covering your travel costs organised by yourself – up to 300 Euros- , and to be reimbursed based on provision of boarding passes and invoice.

We would like to mention that due to the nature of the workshop, we cannot accept any extra representatives at the event.



European Creative Hubs Network (ECHN)

The European Creative Hubs Network (ECHN) is a project co-funded by the European Commission through the Creative Europe programme, and led by the British Council in partnership with a consortium of European creative hubs, Bios in Greece, betahaus in Germany, Kulturni Kod/Nova Iskra in Serbia, Creative Edinburgh in the UK, Factoría Cultural in Spain, Addict in Portugal, and the European Business Network (EBN).

ECHN aims to enhance the ecosystem that supports the development and growth of the creative and cultural sector by supporting the subsistence and growth of creative hubs in Europe, creating a community of experienced creative hubs leaders across Europe from a variety of sectors and promoting hubs as innovative models to support the creative economy in Europe.

Factoría Cultural

Conceived and founded by Rosina Gómez-Baeza who teamed up with Lucía Ybarra, Sandra Stuyck and Antonio Bazán, Factoría Cultural is an international Spanish leading creative incubator and hub that promotes the development of entrepreneurial initiatives in the various fields of technology, communication and the arts, all included in the Creative and Cultural Industries (CCIs).

With hubs in Madrid, Seville and Murcia, Factoría Cultural fosters innovative and sustainable projects and supports entrepreneurs who want to make their CCI-related ideas and projects come true, helping them expand by proving them with a user-oriented, enjoyable, human, open and dynamic atmosphere to work in.

Factoría aspires to create a kind of ecosystem which gives the resident entrepreneur access to their resources, services and training required in order to develop their idea or project, in conditions ideally suited to achieving their objectives.

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