European Creative Hubs Network Workshop #1 Toolkit (Madrid)

European Creative Hubs Network has designed a series of 3 workshops hosted by the project partners – Factoria Cultural, betahaus Berlin, and Creative Edinburgh, with help from the British Council – in 2017. Each workshop targeted a slightly different audience, from hub leaders who are at the beginning of their creative hub managing career to those who have extensive experience and are ready to set the next trend in the creative hub world. The Skills Diary for Creative Hub Leaders, developed by the British Council together with SNOOK, collects learning outcomes from the 3 workshops, and provides an open access for the whole creative hubs network.

This toolkit builds on the European Creative Hubs Skills Workshop organised in Madrid on 22-23 March 2017 by Factoria Cultural. The ‘How to Set Up a Creative Hub’ workshop was hosted by Factoria Cultural. It contains testimonials of 30 hub leaders who participated in the event.

If you are interested in using or distributing the toolkit, please contact us beforehand: