ECHN Project Evaluation – Summary Report

Two and a half years have passed since the start of our ambitious European Creative Hubs Network project.

It feels like time just flew by, and whilst we are sad that the EU-funded project has now come to a close, we are so happy and proud of everything we managed to achieve in 26 months, in big part thanks to the support of the hubs community.

ECHN has worked with an external project evaluator all throughout the project lifetime. We hoped this would allow us to keep track of our performance, and be able to showcase the project’s impact once it was finished.

The Journey Associates team developed a tailored methodology to collect and analyse data throughout the project.

All the feedback provided by the community of hubs, their interviews, testimonials and notes went into the production of an external report on the ECHN project.

Here you can read more about the impact the ECHN project has had.