Creative Tracks

Aware of the importance of increased cultural diversity and a wider sharing of values, Creative Tracks aims at setting up a platform that will offer a wide array of services and events, unlocking a new generation of international creative entrepreneurs and accelerating their professional development.

Creative Tracks is a 2 years EU-funded project, with the support of Creative Wallonia (European Creative District), led by 8 partners from 5 different EU countries.

It aims to establish an international platform to connect and form a network of young creative professionals worldwide with a view to:

Creative Tracks is committed to

Fostering opportunities for young creative entrepreneurs worldwide, connecting them and capacitating them to operate transnationally and internationally in the cultural and creative sectors.

  • Providing relevant resources for entrepreneurs in cultural and creative industries.
  • Fostering a culture of collaboration through interactive tools that seed this culture.
  • Providing an innovative platform that engages networks of creative entrepreneurs, driving participation and sharing.
Creative Tracks community

Creative Tracks seeks to enhance international and cross-sectorial exchanges of experience, improving access of local culture practitioners/artists/creative professionals to networks around the world, allowing young creative entrepreneurs to share their ideas or projects and discuss their different needs.

The platform is already connected to 1,200 networks of culture and creative entrepreneurs throughout the world. Artists, cultural operators, young creative entrepreneurs, and existing networks from across the world are all welcome to join!

You can follow Creative tracks on their social media channels for the latest updates on the project: