Creative Europe Programme

Creative Europe is the European Commission’s framework programme for support to the culture and audiovisual sectors. Following on from the previous Culture Programme and MEDIA programme, Creative Europe, with a budget of €1.46 billion (9% higher than its predecessors), will support Europe’s cultural and creative sectors.

Creative Europe stated aims are to:

  • Help the cultural and creative sectors seize the opportunities of the digital age and globalisation;
  • Enable the sectors to reach their economic potential, contributing to sustainable growth, jobs, and social cohesion;
  • Give Europe’s culture and media sectors access to new international opportunities, markets, and audiences.

This will specifically involve funding for:

  • 2,500 artists and cultural professionals
  • 2,000 cinemas, 800 films
  • 4,500 book translations
  • A financial guarantee facility of up to €750 million for small businesses active in the sector will also be established in 2016.

Culture strand

As outlined in the sections on support to the culture sector and cultural and creative industries, despite the potential of the culture sector, it remains poorly exploited and at risk, both from an environmental and human perspective.

Media strand

As outlined in the sections on support to the media sector and cultural and creative industries, the audiovisual sector is transforming with the rise of digital technology.

This creates additional issues, such as the protection of intellectual property, securing access to financing in a relatively new and changing sector, and ensuring the proper distribution of works.

As such, Creative Europe aims to support initiatives that can generate a real impact for the sector across Europe, including supporting individual works, initiatives that promote new skills in the sector, and initiatives that promote international cooperation in the sector.

Cross-sector strand

The Cross-sectoral strand of the Creative Europe programme is designed to serve three primary functions

  • The establishment of a Guarantee Facility targeting the cultural and creative sectors
    The promotion of transnational policy cooperation
    Supporting a network of Creative Europe Desks

To learn more about the Creative Europe programme, you can read here and watch the video below.