P2P Story: MOB meets Recreart Creative

Cristina, Community Manager from Makers of Barcelona, went to Lisbon in September 2017, to meet Recreart Creative and its team, through the European Creative Hubs Network and our Peer-to-Peer Scheme (P2P). This is her article about the experience of exchanging knowledge, creative hub to creative hub.

Obrigada Lisboa

by Cristina Cárdenas, Community Manager, MOB, Barcelona

Although we are country neighbours, I never found the time to visit Portugal. I chose Lisbon attracted by what I’ve heard about its good weather, people and food, but specially because of the boom of projects, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, expats. It sounded like Barcelona and I was curious to see how they were managing this explosion.

I met the heart of Recreart, Renata and Juliana, for dinner. That’s exactly what I was looking for with this mobility exchange programme by European Creative Hubs Network. Meet the soul of projects, hubs, teams. Get to know their vision, drives, ambitions, difficulties, etc. That’s what I love the most about MOB. Yes, we are one of the most representative hubs in Barcelona, but above all that, we are a community, a family.

Renata and Juliana are both Brazilian in love with Portugal. During dinner we exchange impressions about São Paolo, Barcelona, Lisbon, and other places where we’ve lived in. We discussed about the city’s rush, trust issues in big cities, enjoyment of small pleasures, outdoor lifestyle, the power of digital communication, etc.

They define Recreart as “local entrepreneurs connectors”: at the same time they enhance an entrepreneurial community in Lisbon, they empower small businesses to become more visible through innovative strategies and communication tools. Since the local entrepreneurship network is still small, Recreart helps entrepreneurs to feel less isolated in the process, become inspired by others, and understand their business’ potential.

In order to understand Recreart’s vision and work, Renata and Juliana, prepared a most-significant tour to visit partners, clients, hubs, that have also become friends. The first stop was Fermenta, with its incredible inspiring social innovative project.

The store window had this eye-catching sentence that read: “A Avo veio Trabalhar” (Grandma came to work) and a funny picture of an old-lady on a bathtub. Inside of the venue, you can read on their walls slogans like “old is the new young”, “love keeps you young” “grandma is not for sale but the products she makes are!”

A Avo veio Trabalhar is an intergenerational creative hub, which mission is to fill the gap between generations by empowering elderly women to create unique handmade products and engage on different local experiences.


Angelo and Susana, the co-founders, have created a physical and community-based space to encourage the expression of talents and enthusiasm that every elderly person has. As results, these ladies not only create handmade products, but also participate in craft workshops and cultural experiences, such festivals, fashion shows, events, etc.

Grandma goes to ‘Bons Sons’ Summer Festival

After this inspiring time with Angelo and Susana, we headed to TODOS, a creative hub in a renovated warehouse located at the rising industrial neighbourhood, Poço do Bispo – Marvila.

TODOS’s goal is to share a space with different professionals with whom they can co-create and collaborate to provide content creation and production for visual media. That’s why at this hub there are companies and individuals in the fields of creativity, communication, brand activation, advertising and brand strategy, together with in-house production such as film production, photography, design, art and music.

Federico, the co-founder, showed us around and we discovered special corners: make up & fitting room, editing & post production room, testing zone, and cyclorama film and photo.

Then, we went to their still under-construction new space dedicated to performing arts and has also a makers space, Fábrica Moderna, with 3D printers, laser cutter, ceramics, woodwork.

Our last stop was the craft beer brewery Musa, a fresh minimalistic place, located in the same industrial area. Recreart will host its new event in this brewery.

Female to Female is a two-day event, full of inspiring, creative and ready-to-take-action proposals for women who have small businesses, personal projects or brands, or just an idea or willingness to learn.

From a female perspective and expertise, Recreart aims to provide with tools to build a new brand or project inspired by the global trends, references, researches, observation and softwares. Besides, they offer individual coaching and reports with feedbacks and recommendations.

From their last event with Truth Tellers Lisbon, it’s not difficult to guess that this event will have an important impact on the entrepreneurial community in the city.

Truth Tellers Lisbon

Exchanging ideas with Renata and Juliana was exciting, very inspiring and empowering. I can’t wait to show them MOB, our community and Barcelona’s ecosystem.