P2P story: CRU Cowork meets betahaus

Tânia, the founder and manager of CRU Cowork, went to Berlin from November 27th to December 4th 2016, to meet betahaus and its team, through the European Creative Hubs Network and our Peer to Peer Scheme (P2P). This is an extract of her blog post about the experience of exchanging knowledge, creative hub to creative hub. Tania has also created an amazing video of her P2P adventure, which you can watch below.


Last December, through European Creative Hubs Network (ECHN) and it’s Peer to Peer Scheme (P2P) we had the opportunity to choose a Creative Hub to visit and work for a week. The goal of this program is to share knowledge and learn the best practices of another hub, through an emersive experience and a face to face relationship.

It was a really difficult choice, as the network is vast, diverse and full of one-of-a-kind super creative places, interesting platforms and amazing people. We focused in our goals and establish that we’re looking for a place with some particular characteristics: a private and for profit institution, with no public funding, with a maker space and lots of events. We also wanted to learn from a bigger and older coworking space, with a large number of creative professionals. We chose Betahaus Berlin.

Tânia, the founder and manager of CRU Cowork, went to Berlin from November 27th to December 4th, to meet Betahaus and it’s team.
Katy Zühlke is the ‘all-kind-of-problem solver’ at Betahaus and she was our P2P host who guided us through everything.
On the very first day, Tânia was invited to make part of the weekly team meeting and got to know everybody in the team. From Events department, to Academy, from the chiefs to the interns, the Betahaus team meet every Monday, at breakfast, to briefly talk about that week’s bigger events, to point out the week’s challenges and ask for help in the harder tasks.

Betahaus Berlin was one of the first cowork spaces in the city and in 2009 founded the first floor around the cosy cafe, that is now the entrance to the building.
The space has been growing organically and nowadays, each one of the 4 floors reflects it’s integrated growth, through the decoration of the different spaces, and the rearrangement of the space to the needs that have, over time, been detected.

During our week at the Betahaus, we were able to go through all the working spaces and work from every corner of the house. We have observed all the details of the space: the furniture, the solutions found for the provision of privacy, comfort, sharing or meeting points. The work space in the Betahaus is inspiring and unprepossessing, demonstrating that for fertility and creativity there is no need for expensive furniture or no magazine cover design is required. It matters functionality, comfort, sense of living space and sense of belonging.

The community is worked through numerous events that promote not only professional growth but also social contact among coworkers and their acculturation in that particular environment.


Read the full blog post on the CRU Cowork website.


This experience was very useful to us and made us realize that it does not matter the size of a hub, there are core issues that are always the same. Things do not become simpler, they become different, the challenges take on different proportions.

It strengthened our ability to believe in ourselves and motivated us to move on, and to try out new approaches and ideas.
We must follow the principles we believe in, defending the community and the network we are building for almost 5 years.
Making part of a network of creative hubs make us feel more secure and crafting tight bonds with Betahaus makes us feel comfortable to ask, to apprehend and to look for ways to collaborate and grow together.

Now, let’s think about taking advantage of the synergies created and extend the results of this exchange to our communities!

We are sure that this is a first step towards a multiple joint projects!
Thank you European Creative Hubs Network, thank you Betahaus!


Tânia Santos
Founder & Manager CRU Cowork Porto