P2P Story: Alchemy Hub Brasov meet MOB

Sorin, founder of  Alchemy Hub Brasov went to Barcelona in January 2017, to meet MOB and its team through the European Creative Hubs Network and our Peer-to-Peer Scheme (P2P). This is his article about the experience of exchanging knowledge, creative hub to creative hub.

The project goal:

The P2P scheme is a mobility exchange programme to support the development and networking of creative hubs leaders across Europe. It is set-up to help creative hubs staff (leaders, founders, managers, projects or platform leads, community managers, etc.) benefit from a work experience in a different creative hub, with the aim of sharing knowledge or setting up collaborative projects.

Project description:

The grant project was worth 1,000 euros and aims to help partially cover the costs of travel, accommodation and subsistence,my self as a beneficiary, has set up a working experience in different creative center-Mob,Spain.Because it is seen as a financial aid grant partial encouraged colleagues to spend at least 3 full days working in the creative hub hosting, but there was no limitation than the amount beneficiaries during this time ,I spend time by visiting another creative hub from Barcelona-DISSENY HUB.
Full details of the mobility grant process, are attached to the project as a demonstration documents.
The quality visitors, we e-mail data received contact person MOB representative of the Creative Hub and information necessary as well for making travel: address and DDE Locality, recommendations for accommodation and public transportation in laughter location, and indicative program for the days designated exchange of experience.

The arrival at Barcelona was on 01/15/2017 evening landing at El Prat Airport and accommodation was the hotel SagradaFamilia.

1st day:

First meeting of the exchange experience started in the next morning on 01/16/2017and keynote program was started in the morning at headquarters MOB &Pau-Ronda St.Pau47, Barcelona
Participants at the meeting were members: Lorene Garcia – Event Manager and Alejandro Papadopoulos – co-founder MOB&PAU lawyer and entrepreneur and Atilim Sahim – Comunity Manager at Atolye Hub,Istanbul,Turkey.
The receiving guests was made into an attractive since entering this creative space and when I say this I mean that I was impressed with yellow panel which is why the community express their talents,questions and answers to respond to questions that today causes around the world changes, the beautiful contractors, saving humanity and creating a pleasant environment fit for what we call today a collaborative space where multidisciplinary ideas can come to life.I fancied a place where local and international people alike,could have a place,to call home,not only connect themselves socially to the city, but professionally as well.” – “This is a year of question and answers created by the MOBBERS!”

The filling was what aroused my curiosity in visiting space,discover new ideas,information on how to born this environment and get contact information on how to born this environment and knowing the persons who gave life to these ideas; and for this Lorene Garcia proved to be a wonderful host and led us through each room that holds space for the conduct of Mobbers activities.


We start visiting the entire space, room by room, Garcia explaining very clear each step. We start to see the Skype Booth – for private conferences, meeting rooms – for training and meetings, the inner court – an open space, between two buildings where people can socialize and smoke a cigar, the kitchen and manny others. Very interesting was to visit the roof, special designed for party and chill out. I can imagine how full of life and colors could be this activites and how useful for community can be.

After the round thru venue, was the moment to meet people, so we met coworkers and MOB&PAU staff. In the end, we take a meeting room where the representatives of tree hubs from Spain, Turkye and Romania start to present their coworking spaces.

From the MOB&PAU presentation I did extract a lot of interesting ideas like:

• Bootcamp Youngfish
• Meet the Entrepreneurs event
• Maker space in biotech, food and IT
• SCRUM systems for their activities
• ZUMOB – Squeeze your idea
• FAB Meet – 5 persons pitching their startups
• We Code – Learining by Doing (hackaton)
• Parteners in media, photo shooting, video illustrators, online experts
• The platform tomglobal.org for personos with disabilities who can make things
And many, many more.

After that, Aitilin from Atolye present theirs coworking space from Istanbul. A lot of good ideas came up:

• An online platform for interaction and creativity
• How they change an former beer factory into a creative space, a coworking space using a partener who is an professional architectural design studio
• A very interesting prjoject for teaching the teachers woth new methods from nonformal education
• A creative project for supporting rural traditional activities producer
• Details about their community (100 persons): designers, engineers, social experts, business strategies and many others
• A great idea was to surveillance the activity of every coworker using his IP log on router for a good monitoring of activity
• Other interesting things was at www.graphcommons.com
• The community is active, login into the platform, founding there paarteners, clients, feedback.
• Interesting approach for community categories: resident, flexible and alumni.
After that two presentations was the Alchemy Hub moment to present the activity and the projects, including Brasov and sourroundings (Dracula’s Castle was tha main scary brand, of course). Check presentation: https://issuu.com/sorinpeligrad/docs/prezentare_alchemy_hub_-_eng.pptx
In the end, after a great meal, we discuss how we’ll do next days visit, a short agenda.

2nd day:

We met at the other venue of MOB (Baylen Street 11), the first coworking space opened 5 years ago. There is a different specific: coworking space + FAB Café (caffeteria) + maker space and event venue.

Our host was Barbra and Cristina.

Like in the other venue, all of the trees hubs met there and start to visit the place.

FAB Café is a small caffeteria inside of MOB venue with coworking possibilities for everyone. Great project to have that kind of socialization venue. There people can meet and, if they want, they can buy a coworking ticket.Interesting things about how FAB Café work all over the world as a francise.
In the front, at the door, is a maker space open for anyone who wants to cut some 3D pieces or to received a creative idea for his projects.

The coworking space is very big, the entire community at this venue is around 200 residents and they have all they need: kitchen, meeting rooms, training rooms, great internet a creative and active community. Is an open space at level floor and another open space at basement floor. Interesting thing is the MOB venue is a former textiles factory situated in the center of town.

In the basement is the maker space place. We met there people working in IT applications, in Virtual Reality equipments and 3D printers. They have their own kitchen in the basement and everything they need for a proper activity: internet, equipaments and , of course, the community.

After the tour we discuss about the business model of MOB, prices and services, problems and solutions. Very educational! We talk about community, about parteners, hub marketing and the relation with administrative institutions. Also, MOB is a very good venue for events and training. We discuss also about the procedures of recruiting new mobbers and the tools for integrate him in community.
Interesting thing was, with this moment, I facilitate the contact between a Romania young entrepreneur, Alexandru Glod and the management of MOB, Alex intending to became part of mobbers community.

3rd day:

This day was reserved for a special event from MOB portofolio: ZUMOB – the pitching event.

Was 5 pitching from mobbers who presents their startups in front of community and a great networking event. With this moment we met a a Romanian gay, Alexandru Hrib, who was in an Erasmus for Entrepreneurs internship in MOB and became a manager of mob. Great contact for as!

Was a very good moment for networking, talking about projects, people and interesting stuff about business in Barcelona and in Europe. We talk about how can we open a Fab Café in Brasov, Romania, details about francise.

And, because Barcelona is such a sensational place, maybe we can open there an Alchemy Hub, a subsidiary of our hub there.

After that, we talk with people about how can we create further projects together, including the Athens Conference SYN.

In the end, we invite the staff of MOB to visit Alchemy Hub and , of course, the Dracula’s Castle.

On the same day, I visit Disseny HUB, a great space for creatives: http://ajuntament.barcelona.cat/dissenyhub/en

The Museu del Disseny de Barcelona is a new center of Barcelona’s Institute of Culture, which works to promote better understanding and good use of the design world, acting as a museum and laboratory. It focuses on 4 branches or design disciplines: space design, product design, information design and fashion.

I have a lot of contacts and informations from that experience and I strongly recommend to every hub manager or founder to be part of this program. Alchemy Hub became member of Creative Hubs Network and an ambassador for the P2P Scheme Project.

Alchemy Hub Brasov
 Sorin Peligrad