Peer-to-Peer Scheme – Phase 1 Results

The European Creative Hubs Network Peer-to-peer exchange scheme (P2P scheme) is a mobility exchange programme to support the development and networking of creative hubs leaders across Europe.

It is set-up to help creative hubs staff (leaders, founders, managers, projects or platform leads, community managers, etc.) benefit from a work experience in a different creative hub, with the aim of sharing knowledge or setting up collaborative projects.

The P2P scheme is run in 2 phases, one in 2016 and one in 2017.



The first application period ran between 24 September and 21 October 2016, and we learnt that people were very enthusiastic and eager to find out more about the opportunity. We also learnt that this application period coincided with a busy period of the year for creative hubs, and a number of leaders simply did not find the time to submit theirs. For those in this situation – do no worry! – we are noting all this and will aim to improve the next round of the P2P scheme.

Within the application period, we have received 15 applications, out of which 14 were eligible. We have put together a small panel to evaluate them, and it turned out they were all very strong candidates, with diverse roles in hubs and with solid expectations from their P2P experience.



A list of the first 14 beneficiaries of the P2P is available below, marking their names, roles, home creative hubs and hosting creative hubs. Should you wish to get in touch with them, you can do so by finding their creative hubs on the map, and clicking the contact box.

Beneficiary Role Home hub Host hub
1 Atilim Şahin Community Manager Atolye MOB // Makers of Barcelona
2 Cecilia Tham Founder and Mastermind MOB // Makers of Barcelona Rocket Hub
3 Daniela Milosheska Founder Coffiicee Impact Hub
4 Giulia Capodieci Digital communication officer BASE Centro de inovacao da Mouraria
5 Jeff Buxton Co-founder & Technical Director BetaBar Hub 385
6 Kristine Zamurajeva Co-founder & Director DarbaVieta CRU cowork
7 Lorene Garcia Event & Project manager MOB // Makers of Barcelona Republikken
8 Marko Orel Co-founder Poligon Locus Workspace
9 Oana Furdea Programme Coordinator Citizenit Mikser House
10 Olivier Zephir Business advisor Technoport Creative Edinburgh
11 Peter Eriksson Co-funder & CEO Kulturhotellet BASE
12 Sorin Peligrad Founder Alchemy MOB // Makers of Barcelona
13 Tania Santos Director CRU cowork betahaus
14 Tsveta Stoeva Co-founder & Communication manager Malkite5 Republikken