P2P Story: Kulturhotellet meet BASE

Peter, Co-founder & CEO of Kulturhotellet, went to Milan in December 2016, to meet BASE and its team through the European Creative Hubs Network and our Peer-to-Peer Scheme (P2P). This is his article about the experience of exchanging knowledge, creative hub to creative hub.

The following report is an attempt to share some knowledge and insights from my study visit at BASE Milano as part of the P2P scheme provided by the European Creative Hubs Network. My objective with the exchange programme was in primis to get an understanding of what it takes, from a structural and strategic point of view, to run such a big operation as BASE Milano does. Previous visits at BASE Milano had left me impressed by their structure/functions, strategic alliances/collaborations as well as operations – areas that I wanted to learn and know more about. Partly due to the fact that my own creative platform, Kulturhotellet, has the intention to grow into much bigger facilities in the near future. But mostly because we constantly work on creating structures and commercial platforms to help our local creators become cultural entrepreneurs. Something that I thought a study visit at BASE Milano could give me valuable insights, ideas and feedback about.

Looking back at my visit I must say that Milan surprised me. Having spent 7 months in Milan during my studies back in 2007 had left me with a certain image of the city. I can happily say that my view of Milan as a city has changed. Instead of a high profile and posh city I found a strong independent cultural scene with an inspiring social and urban generation connection/purpose mixed with innovative entrepreneurship. An approach that I hope can reach more parts of the world in the attempt to create a more sustainable, balanced and dynamic city landscape. In this report I will give you a glimpse of what I experienced during my five days in Milan – hopefully it will inspire you to visit and connect with some of the great creative platforms, companies and individuals that I had the possibility to meet.

And for you that haven’t heard about Kulturhotellet – we are a creative platform, based in Helsingborg, Sweden, where individuals can develop, express and present their creative and artistic ideas. The platform caters both to professional and non-professional creators and our main focus is to create a structure to support individuals in their goal to become cultural entrepreneurs. As an organisation we provide creators with an infrastructure, education and marketing which allows us to co-produce and host events in various fields such as visual arts, sculpture, film, music, theatre, dance and so forth helping creatives in our region reach an audience.

To get a peek into Peter’s trip, his interview with Valentina La Terza at BASE Milano and Dynamoscopio, a cultural company and organization residing at BASE Milano, as well as his visit to Seismographic Sounds exhibition:


Peter Eriksson