P2P story: BASE Milano meets ATÖLYE

Giulia, Project Manager from BASE Milano, went to Istanbul in June 2017, to meet ATÖLYE and its team, through the European Creative Hubs Network and our Peer-to-Peer Scheme (P2P). This is her article about the experience of exchanging knowledge, creative hub to creative hub.

BASE Milano meets @Atolyeist

Giulia Cugnasca – June 2017

@base_milano MEETS @atolyeist 96 hours in #istanbul thanks to the program promoted by the British Council’s Creative Hubs.

As BASE Milano, Atolye is born in an old factory too, where was produced beer, instead of trains. The all area is called Bomontiada and now it includes restaurants, a concert area, art galleries, shops and Atolye.

Bomontiada is a public space, but, as usual in Istanbul, you have to pass a metal detector to enter the area. It is one of the few areas where no car or scooters are allowed. The property, after renovating and renting the spaces, created a board and a team for the activation of a cultural program.

The activities in Bomontiada are mostly commercial, while Atolye stands up and presents itself as the only research project focalized on design. It is a platform, a community, a workspace, a makerlab, an events area, but is above all a projecthouse.

Among the most interesting projects:

Liminal is a lamp projected in function of the needs of Atolye and the coworkings, flexible, multifunctional, not expensive, that now is produced thanks to a promotion campaign on kickstarter.

Teachers Network is a training program for teachers of primary, middle and high school; the aim is developing new teaching and engagement tools.

They organized an Hackathon throughout the last referendum, analyzing the process of the strengthening of Erdogan’s power and also his party (AKP), combining technology and political sciences.

Outside Bomontiada:

Kolektifhouse, the biggest coworking in the city, a coworking space that becomes a real estate operation.

Iksv, the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts, organizes, among other things, the Istanbul Design Biennal. With them we discussed about the next curators (ours and theirs) and we imagined BASE as one of the locations of the next Biennal. Who knows ?!

Salt Galata, one of the most important cultural institution in Turkey, with them we thought about how to engage the public and become a point of reference for the city. They changed the way to present themselves to the city 3 or 4 times, before finding the right one: now the expositions are chosen according to rate of public involvement, instead of the attendance.