Zaragoza Activa (ZAC)

We are a public service whose mission is to encourage an innovative, creative, collaborative and enterprising ecosystem in Zaragoza. We want to support those initiatives that produce economic activity, specially those capable of creating jobs and a transforming social impact.


Historical/cultural heritage area
Funding: 1


Calle de Mas de las Matas 20 (Antigua Azucarera)
50014 zaragoza

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We deploy an ensemble of programmes, projects and communities that ease the way to those who want to undertake new businesses. Some of our permanent projects are the Cubit Library for Youngsters, InfoActiva, Seedbed of Ideas, No-Master, 25 Talents, the creative hub with more than two hundred entrepreneurs La Colaboradora, Made in Zaragoza, Incubator of Companies and the Investigation/Action Groups ZAC Las Armas.