WikiToki is a place for experimenting new ways of dealing with relationships, organization, research, creation, production and consumption.


Funding: publicly-funded, User fees, services


Plaza de la Cantera, 5, 2º
48003 Bilbao

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WikiToki is an experimental process in and of itself. It is a Research and Development laboratory around social / cultural / economic / political matters that are connected by collaborative practices as a common thread. Wikitoki is a community of practice, action and reflection. It is an ongoing training process of research, conceptualisation, prototyping and co-creation. Wikitoki is a place for PRODUCTION (creation, work, activism, research), RE-PRODUCTION (social, relational) and CULTURAL DISSEMINATION (education, exhibition). Wikitoki is a meeting place within a network of spaces, initiatives and programs, where physical and digital dimensions connect.