Warehouse Coworking Factory

Warehouse Coworking Factory (Wh) is a collaborative coworking space, a new working environment for like-minded professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers, smart workers and start-up.


Funding: Not publicly funded, User fees


Strada di Mezzo, 17
51039 Marotta (PU)

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Collaboration across sectors and cultures is an asset and added value of all projects and services we develop at Warehouse Coworking Factory mainly in the field of:

Entrepreneurial Education: to address also the issue of local youth unemployment. We assessed young people need to have access to training that is relevant to the needs of the labor market and find effective routes into employment, especially into self employment. Consequently we developed new learning methodologies supportive of collaborative and experiential learning, problem-solving, project-based learning, creative and participative approach, peer to peer knowledge transfer, to bridge the world of academia with the world of work.

Open innovation in SMEs: to contribute to ensure that Marche Region and its SMEs, extremely weakened by the prolonged economic crisis, remain economically healthy. We try to accelerate internal innovation through projects, which encourage inflows and outflows of knowledge

Finally, thanks to our community of professionals, actively engaged for common projects, we were able to co-create ad-hoc projects and provide services in the following sectors: communication and digital marketing; Programming; e-commerce; social campaigns; small crowdfunding campaign; graphic and design, storytelling and video making