Užupis Creative Cluster (UCC)

The hub for creative industries, information technologies, scientific researches, IT products, graphic design, film industry, simulators, training, business consulting, advertising, etc.


Funding: Not publicly funded, User fees, services
Business-model: Cluster
Community size: 0-50


Savanoriu ave. 178 F
03154 Vilnius
+370 686 77781

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Members of Užupis Creative Cluster carry out activities of creative industries, information technology, scientific research and specialize in different subsectors, such as creation of IT products, graphic design, film industry, creation of simulators, training, business consulting, advertising creation, social researches, project writing, administration and many others.

Starting from six, today the number of cluster members already reached twenty and continues to grow. Members of the cluster constantly communicate, implement new activities, participate in international business missions, fairs and exhibitions, where they present their activities, products and services.

Members of the cluster actively implement innovations in the areas of their activities, trying to develop their technical bases and to present unique projects to Lithuanian and foreign markets. A number of products, created by members of the cluster, is unique in the European Union and even in the whole world.

While investing to researches and technological development, members of the cluster have established a mutual network of complex simulators and integrated communications, where analytic, modeling and simulation services are provided, strategies are formed, new media technologies as well as prototypes are created and tested, information security analysis, training and many other services are provided.

Užupis Creative Cluster invites to cooperate. If your company strives for success in business, science and creativity and values cooperation, we are on the same path! Contact us and learn about possibilities of membership in the cluster.

The cluster is also open to new ideas, initiatives, young and creative specialists as well as professionals of their field.