A Creative Hub based in Lisbon with multidisciplinary Professionals and Companies that provide content creation and production for visual media.


Historical/cultural heritage area
Funding: Not publicly funded, User fees
Business-model: Creative Hub
Community size: 51-100


Rua Pereira Henriques
1950 242
+351210 194 934

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TODOS shares a common physical space and features a distinctive business model: close cooperation and interplay between numerous different professionals and companies in the area of communication: creativity, design, strategy, digital marketing, web, mobile, UX and UI, art, advertising, architecture, cinema, photography, science, and sub – technical areas such as film production, casting, cinematography, set design, make-up artists, music, post production, interactivity, arts & crafts, strategy – research and market analysis, among others.

The ambition of TODOS goes through to establish itself as a platform for global communication services of creative content.