TAK Kartal

TAK establishes design processes that are sensitive to social conversions and evaluates urban problems in Kartal, under three themes: Design, Research and Participation.


Funding: 1
Business-model: Non-Profit
Community size:


Kartal Belediyesi, Yukarı Mahalle, Belediye Caddesi No.6, Kartal, İstanbul
34860 Istanbul

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Design: Increasing quality of life and spacial quality,

Research: Solving problems via research and information,

Participation: Creating platforms that enable sharing expectations and opinions.

TAK Kartal has three main spaces; TAK Camp, TAK Kondu and TAK Mobile.

TAK Camp is a creative thinking and innovation program where we discuss ideas, share experinces, and organize events.

TAK Kondu is a portable unit where residents and designers get together and seek for solutions. In TAK Kondu, residents discuss their problems, ideas, and expectations with designers.

TAK Mobile is a mobile workshop bringing TAK designers and Kartal residents together. TAK gezici is aiming to listen and discover residents’ ideas and problems in their districts.