STPLN -Stapelbädden

STPLN is a unique venue, a makerspace and an incubator for creative projects at the border between the commercial, public and non-profit.


Historical/cultural heritage area
Funding: publicly-funded, User fees, services


Stapelbäddsgatan 3
211 19 Malmö

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What happens in the house changes often and in as new people begin to use STPLN, but right now you can find the following activities and projects with us:

Fabriken:the first Swedish Space Maker with  3D printers, laser cutters, CNC milling and tools for woodworking and manufacture of printed circuit boards, etc.

Grupptrycket: Our textile workshop with a sewing machine, a knitting machine and screen printing

Hub: n  a free drop-in office with creative workshop table, fast wifi, meeting rooms, and cheap coffee.

Bicycle Kitchen: A free do-it-yourself workshop for repair, service and building bikes and organizer of courses and workshops

Bicycle Library: a public library with bicycles for those who want to ride in a little more cases. WE have electric bicycles, box-bikes and a elassisterad shipping cycle.

Återskapa (remake): a center for creative recycling, education and design

Multi Room: A large room with stage, seating facilities for about 150 people, mobile workshops disks, sound and lighting rig and blackout possibilities.

Possibility to produce projects with us STPLN can be used by independent producers, organizers, artists and other people with creative ideas who lack space and / or tools. Projects can be of greater or lesser character

Kreatech: Fabriken for children. Workshops and courses where you among others learn to build, handicrafts, program and solder. The project also includes a comprehensive training program for schools that we run together with Arduino workshop