Rural HUB

Rural HUB is a community of creative individuals and innovative organizations that want to explore, build and connect its urban and rural knowledge in a sustainable way.


Funding: Not publicly funded


Dragoslava Nikolica 8
18236 Vrmdza

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Rural HUB is a co-working and educational complex located in small village Vrmdža on South East Serbia, with main focus on social entrepreneurship and social responsible ideas that enhance the use of local resources and empowers villages, lead to preserving tradition and nature, and potentially solve social issues such as increasing the living standard of population and reduction of migrations from the villages, especially among youth.

The idea for this Rural HUB is to be the incubator for the socially responsible business; a place where innovative individuals will be able to work, meet, learn and network. Apart from co-working place and educational development this complex represents as much a place for relaxation as for the work in the nature.