Rigenera is a social carousel for individuals committed to creating a vision of a better life, where entrepreneurs, creatives and professionals could come together to work on a better world.


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Viale della Resistenza
70027 Palo del Colle

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Rigenera Lab is born within the “Bollenti  Spriti” program, promoted by the region of Puglia.

Rigenera includes a stage, the largest of our events spaces equipped with a motorised projector screen and lumen projectors, a social kitchen and coffee, available from Tuesday- Friday and weekends, a bookshop with a book-crossing zone, the co-working room, an ideal place for collaborating, communicating and studying and a community radio, where a group of people, passionate deejays under 40 years old, play music every day. At the beginning Rigenera was just an useful creative hub, now it’s a constantly moving point, based on ETHICS, TRUST and SHARING with the main objective to involve the younger generation of the territory. We also want to offer culture at km 0, create new job opportunities and increase the economic sustainability of the hub through the Rigenera social kitchen and coffee proceeds and through the full utilization of the stage.

Rigenera is a magic mirror, the accomplishment of beauty inherent in dreamers focused on a common purpose. Dreamers who want to innovate and enrich our territory, each with their value propositions, people that find in this area a place where ideas could grow and improve the life quality of a tiny town, that has always been neglected by local authorities. Rigenera is a curate and open space that believes in the main values of hospitality, confidence, acceptance of diversity and respect for the sharing rules. Rigenera is also PLANNING, a crafts factory that wants to promote the cultural and environmental tourism, by strengthening the social impact creating a special window for immigrants and an advisory service for the voluntary associations.

Rigenera cooperates with 22 local associations that exploit our spaces for conferences, concerts, various events, formation meetings, art exhibits and workshops. Rigenera collaborates with the region of Puglia and many public organizations and schools, in fact our creative hub is also an active part of the project “Distretto Puglia Creativa” and cooperates  efficiently with the commune of Palo del Colle and other communes of the region. We also increase relations with private enterprises.