Rete delle Case del Quartiere

The Rete delle Case del Quartiere is a network of 8 cultural center spread in 8 different districts of Turin.


Funding: publicly-funded, User fees, services


via Rubino, 45
10137 Torino

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The “Rete delle Case del Quartiere” (the network of Neighborhood Houses) is a network founded in April 2014 in Turin, made up of eight non-profit organisations. They manage open and public spaces places in eight different districts, in which it is possible to express collective experiences through the actions of citizens’ participation and self-organisation. They promote initiatives involving formal and informal group of citizens and associations, answering to social, cultural/intercultural and economical needs; developing practices of good neighbourhood and active citizenship. The eight “Case del Quartiere” are:

  • Bagni Pubblici di Via Agliè
  • Barrito
  • Casa del Quartiere di San Salvario
  • Casa di Quartiere Vallette
  • Casa nel Parco
  • Cascina Roccafranca
  • Cecchi Point Hub Multiculturale
  • Più Spazio Quattro