Building communities, connecting people. Sharing wonderful experiences.


Historical/cultural heritage area
Funding: services
Business-model: Recreart
Community size: 0-50


Rua Heróis de Quionga, 26 - apt 3E
1170-179 Lisbon

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 Recreart is a creative and engaging boutique. It is who we are and what we can share or promote sharing. It is a personal brand, that brings together all our talents, values, beliefs and life’s passions.

Yes, we work on these

** Talk
Workshops and inspiration sessions, tutoring, talks, knowledge meetings, in-house

We believe sharing is an empowering tool. But sharing with people who is passionate about the same thing or have been there before or that it is just someone open and willing to help is magic. We activate, organize and facilitate talks that really matter to you.

** Think
Culture innovation, trend research, benchmark, customer behaviour

If you are not sure about something, ask a second opinion. Our brains are ready. We have the guts and the method to help you find out arguments and insights to launch a brand, a project, a product, an idea. And we can go further to prototype them together.

** THank
Interactions, experiences, bicycle rides, cultural dynamics

We love connecting communities. We are a high-tech and connected generation. And yet truly experience believers. As urban cycling advocates, travel and cultural hunters, art addicted, little secret places diggers and sharing economy enthusiasts we believe there are many like us and that we can meet, enjoy and even build great things together. Meet us for a bike ride, a walk or in one of our social dynamics that always end with awesome food & drinking.

** Shout
Brand strategy, digital experiences, design, content

We love to make it happen. When it comes out beautifully like life itself and as design art should be. It is involving like a copywriting is supposed to hug you when you read or listen to it. Genuine, high spirit, embracing and true like only a great creative concept can be when you smile at it. That is the twist and shout way we want and we like it.