This creative hub is located in a former building for data administration from the 70ies. With its 5300m² and over 220 rooms it now is home for 200 creatives from all fields in the heart of Potsdam.


Historical/cultural heritage area
Funding: Not publicly funded, User fees
Business-model: foundation
Community size: 101-500


Dortustraße 46
14467 Potsdam

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5000 m² – 225 rooms – 200 creatives

The Rechenzentrum is a huge space for creatives in the centre of Potsdam, the capital city of Brandenburg, in the metropolian area of Berlin.

Since september 2015 the administration building from the early 70ies is the new home for more than 200 creatives from all fields of the creative industry. 5 floors with more than 5.000 m²  and 220 uniform offices have transformed into ateliers, studios, workshops, labs and cultural spaces. Beyond working rooms the Rechenzentrum has public and gallery spaces and hostes events and exhibitions.

The building is famous for its striking and landmarked mosaic: “Der Mensch bezwingt den Kosmos” (“Human conquers the cosmos”) by the artist Fritz Eisel.

Temporary use

In early 2015 the mayor Jann Jakobs proposed the building as a temporary home for artists and creatives after long public fights for affordable rooms. The Stiftung SPI, a foundation for socioculture and social work, is running the creative hub by order of the city council of Potsdam.
The SPI installed a cultural management as intermediary between artists and creatives, and the city politics and administration, the public and the facility management of the house. All the cost for personal, facilities and cultural production budget is funded by the occupants, the artist and creatives themselves. 7 € is the rent each m².
Creatives as city developer

The use of the Rechenzentrum is temporary. The contracts are limited until August 2018. The official objective of the project is  the demolation (Status April 2017). The building shall make space for a reconstruction of a church spire (Garnisonkirche), that now has no church. Users and supporters of the Rechenzentrum now engage for a long solution and become an important player in the controversy in Potsdams city development.