OPENFAB istanbul

Openfab Istanbul was founded under the roof of the Özyeğin University to promote the “maker movement”, support hardware entrepreneurship, and serve in the field of education technologies.


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Özyeğin Üniversitesi Çekmeköy Kampüsü
34000 Istanbul

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Believing that technology is for everyone, Openfab endeavors to teach individuals and organizations how applications, tools and devices work, and demonstrate how they can be produced by everyone. Since its establishment in 2015, Openfab has offered numerous creative training programs on coding, 3D printers, entrepreneurship, and design, to more than 5,000 participants.


Openfab Istanbul at Özyeğin University was founded with the aim of preparing a productive generation. Today, Openfab offers maker training to children between 6 and 12.

Openfab strives to introduce the new generation to the maker movement that aims to promote the democratization of production, customized production, and do-it-together (DIT) philosophy, which today sit on top of the world agenda. To date, Openfab has facilitated the creation of new technologies with hundreds of children. Maker training gives children the opportunity to taste the pleasure of manufacturing, while offering them technical classes on coding, 3D printers, virtual reality, and electronics. 

Openfab Istanbul has a physical workshop at Özyeğin University which accommodate cutting-edge production infrastructure with its rich machinery and experienced staff. Makerlab works not only with  Özyeğin University students, but also with productive individuals and organizations at every age who are devoted to the maker movement. Makerlab also supports the maker events organized by K12 schools.

Some of the hardware Makerlab accommodates in its workshop are as follows:

  • 3D Printer – Zaxe X1
  • Laser Engraver – Trotec Speedy 100R
  • CNC Router – Poysan B5490
  • Desktop Milling Machine – Roland SRM-20
  • Electronic Equipment:
    Digital Oscilloscope
    Function Generator
    Power Generator
    Lithium Battery Charger
    Prototyping Boards (i.e. Arduino, Raspberry)
    Cabling Components
    Circuit Elements
    Servo/Stepper Motors

OpenFab Istanbul offers Turkey’s fist hardware accelerator program exclusively designed for hardware entrepreneurs.

With recent developments in 3D printers and electronic prototyping boards, investors’ interest in hardware entrepreneurship has peaked. Openfab Istanbul bi-annually offers a 5-week entrepreneurship training program to hardware entrepreneurs. Eligible participants are selected by a steering committee made up of professionals with sectoral experience. Following the training, successful participants are admitted to an incubation process.  “Graduate entrepreneurs” who qualify to advance to the incubation process develop their prototypes at Openfab Istanbul and move onto to the commercialization phase. During the product development process, they receive academic support from Özyeğin University and commercialization support from the Fit Startup Factory. These entrepreneurs are also offered mass production, crowdfunding, and angel investor support by our partner institutions.