Mercato Sonato

Mercato Sonato is a place where different artistic languages can talk.


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Tartini, 3
40127 Bologna

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The Mercato Sonato is home to the Orchestra Senzaspine and the headquarters of a cultural wave which has already surpassed Bologna’s city limits.

The first season of Bologna’s Mercato Sonato has taken off. The Mercato – once the local market of the San Donato district, awarded to  the Senzaspine Association in 2015 by the Municipality, winner of the Incredibol! 2014 grant from Palazzo D’Accursio, and of Culturability 2015 from the Unipolis Foundation. Thus began, two years ago, a courageous and far from simple project of urban and cultural regeneration, unique in its kind also at the national level. Mercato Sonato is, in fact, the first public space in Italy run entirely by a youth orchestra. After the first “sowing” phase, during which  the Mercato Sonato also became part of ARCI, today it is sprouting as a multifunctional center and meeting place to share culture in all its forms and languages. The objective of the whole project is to give a new urban centrality to classical music, to youth, to creative expression and experimentation, starting from the transformation of a suburban public space into an added value for the neighborhood and for the entire city.