Media Terra Nea N.P.O.

People / Media / Action! Providing opportunities and support in Lifelong Learning, Self Expression, Creativity and Solidarity


Funding: Not publicly funded
Business-model: N.P.O.
Community size: 0-50


Ptolemaion 29A
54633 Thessaloniki

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Media Terra Nea is an open space of creativity and cooperation.

Our objectives include:

  • To support free active social and cultural expression – specifically of less opportunities youth – as well as the general status of active citizenship
  • To support vocational lifelong learning for all,  through the possibilities of non-formal education
  • To promote voluntarism, social service and active solidarity
  • To promote tolerance and fight any form of discrimination
  • To contribute to media literacy of youth and adults
  • To promote new forms of entrepreneurship
  • To support and promote a sustainable ecological lifestyle
  • To contribute to international mobility and cooperation

Operating since 2013, we are working on 3 basic sets of activities:

  • International Learning Events
  • Local Non formal education workshops
  • Social and Media networking