La Salle

A project space for mission led entrepreneurs and creatives. The estate is a blank 'campus', a space to create for environmentally sustainable projects, creative practitioners and startups.


Historical/cultural heritage area
Funding: Not publicly funded


Chateau La Salle
71260 La Salle

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Better, more sustainable ways of doing things make the planet better.

To do this you need to empower people, let them discover their purpose, give them space to create and help them share their knowledge.

The thing is, most people live in cities which are densely packed, expensive and governed by societal norms. They are busy, distractions are everywhere. When is the last time you stopped what you were doing and started something completely different? And you expect to do this whilst everything else is still going on? Hmmm… cities sound like a distraction heavy, risky, expensive place to think big and start something new.

We, like you, need space. Space to focus. Space to think. Space to act. A space designed to let you think big and realise your creations. What you need is space to make your project grow. You need La Salle.