Impact Lab Bremen

Creativity, Participation, Social Action, Think Tank: That's the Digital Urban Impact Lab Bremen. Our goal: to change the city with digital methods to increase participation in creativity and society.


Funding: publicly-funded, Not publicly funded, services
Business-model: Non profit
Community size: 101-500


Liegnitzstraße 52A - 54
28237 Bremen
+49 421 59055402

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Impact Lab Bremen


A Place of Creative Possibilities

In the Digital Urban Impact Lab, we rely on proven workshop formats and combine them with experimental methods and tools to create new, exciting events and learning contexts.

The Digital Urban Impact Lab (short: Impact Lab) is a creative district development hub of the media2culture Institute M2C in Bremen, Germany. The M2C Institute has been implementing international and national research projects at the mixed area of computer science, digital art and organizational development and cultural studies for 15 years, thus actively contributing to the development and strategies in the shaping of our common future city.

With the Digital Urban Impact Lab, the M2C has created a place that addresses the issues of digital coaching, creativity and new educational strategies, participatory urban re-design, and the worldwide social impact and lab movement


Participative Digital Urban Re-Design

How can I make my ideas for a good, liveable city public? The answer: With Betaville. With the open source software that the M2C has been developing since 2008 with partners from Bremen to New York and LA, everyone can put their vision for the urban re-design of Gröpeligen and Bremen online. Betaville shows how urban development can be made more participatory and transparent. Build with us at the city of tomorrow!



The Digital Urban Impact Lab is a place shared by all users. Her creativity drives the lab forward. Try out your ideas. Get to know new partners. Work together with actors from other departments and use the equipment of the lab. We support you with current moderation and communication techniques.Make the Lab your creative space!

Digital Education

The Digital Urban Impact Lab is an informal out-of-school learning site that not only acquires and certifies skills in using digital tools and software from Excel to Robotic Programming, but also the implicit knowledge that everyone derives from daily smartphone use and PC’s, picks up and transforms them into new room for maneuver in work and education.

Social Dynamics

Collaborative laboratories are currently sprouting around the world experimenting with new types of social, urban and economic thinking. The Digital Urban Impact Lab is part of this movement and closely networked with it. We want to increase equality of opportunity in the quarter and create sustainable commitment. For this we think inclusive, inclusive and without prejudice and bring together old and new Bremer with diverse biographies in the lab.

Urban Interventions

The Digital Urban Impact Lab is a thinking space, but above all an action space, a do-tank. We initiate real changes and rely on digitally supported, participative art actions and cultural projects – from the Soundapp tour to the façade projection. We absorb the creative input from our activities and reflect it back into the district. The lab is gallery, editing room, workshop, base camp and nursery in one.


Creative Forum

The Digital Urban Impact Lab hosts international artists but also symposia and conferences. Regular lectures on current topics from smart city research, new developments in creativity, education and work 4.0 build a bridge between science and real urban culture. We also provide a stage for people with fresh, unusual ideas.Present and discuss with your experts your projects that want to change the West of Bremen.

We are digital!

Digitization affects all areas of life. New jobs are created, new requirements and new knowledge. In the Digital Urban Impact Lab we see this change as an opportunity and an enhancer for social participation. We combine techniques and tools of digital culture with experimental arts and cultural events in the district. By taking up existing competencies and transforming them, we improve access to education and the labor market. We close digital knowledge gaps and thus increase equal opportunities in the neighborhood.

We are urban!

It’s about the city of tomorrow: What does my Gröpelingen look like and what ideas and wishes for change do I have? In the Digital Urban Impact Lab we pursue these questions. The Lab acts as a forum for new and existing actors. Together with the local residents, we want to highlight the strengths of the district by initiating cultural and commercial projects off the beaten path. This creates new energies for sustainable local commitment.

We have an impact!

Dead straight life paths were yesterday! The Digital Urban Impact Lab offers targeted refugees, young women and mothers, early school leavers, low-skilled and people who want to change. We offer opportunities to help shape social change, to realize your own projects, to create resonance rooms, to become active and to network. The best: We certify your knowledge and your learning success!