Frappant e.V.

Self-organized nonprofit association with members from the fields of arts, design, fashion, illustration, photography, tech and more with a weekly program of events like exhibitions, performances, ...


Historical/cultural heritage area
Funding: 1, User fees
Business-model: Non-Profit
Community size: 51-100


Zeiseweg 9
22765 Hamburg

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The History of Frappant goes back to 2005 when a group of architects, artists and designers moved into an abandoned shopping arcade in Hamburg-Altona.
But as the Arcades were to be refurbished, the collective had to move into the close-by, also abandoned, so called „Frappant“-Building.

United by the existential need for affordable workingspace, the collective –now acting under the name of „Frappant e.V.“- had expanded to about 150 members.
But again, the stay was not for long, as the 50s Building was to be torn down to make place for a new giant furniture store.

As a next temporary solution, „Frappant e.V.“ was offered to move into the Viktoria-Kaserne, a 19th century landmarked military building, also located in Altona.
The collective rented a large part of the building, but as history clarified ,„Frappant e.V.“ had to work on solutions to how secure affordable workingspace for their members in the long run.

As result „Frappant e.V.“ and their fellows „Lux&Co“ founded „fux eG“; a cooperative which would allow them to –instead of renting- buy the entire Viktoria Kaserne. After being fully refurbished it will host more than 200 comrades from various professional fields.