FASHIONCLASH is an innovative, international and interdisciplinary fashion platform and development institute that focusses on new generation of designers and artists, located in the heart of Europe.


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FASHIONCLASH is an innovative, international and interdisciplinary fashion platform and development institute that focusses on new generation of designers and artists, located in Maastricht, the heart of Europe.
The main goal of FASHIONCLASH is to connect talent, knowledge, creativity, entrepreneurship and the (fashion) industry. How? By developing projects where young designers can develop, by creating various opportunities to show and sell their work and ideas, by organizing unique events to challenge fashion and society in general, and by enabling young designers to be part of a greater network. Within 10 years FASHIONCLASH has accomplished outspoken results and gained innovative fashion (development) knowledge, expertise, and an ever growing international network. FASHIONCLASH possesses a unique and highly respected position within the local and (inter)national fashion industry.


The annual highlight of FASHIONCLASH is FASHIONCLASH Festival (voted top 10 independent Fashion weeks worldwide), an inspiring, international and interdisciplinary fashion festival that takes place in Maastricht, that shows the art of fashion in the broadest sense of the word. The festival aims to provide a fertile platform where a new generation of designers and artists from various disciplines get the opportunity to present their work to a broad and diverse audience, (inter)national press and industry leaders. Since the first edition in 2009 more than 1,000 talents from 50 different countries and 6 continents have joined FASHIONCLASH Festival and were given the opportunity to show their talent and work. Some of their careers really took off!

The ‘clash’ in FASHIONCLASH represents the encounter between talent, cultures, artistic disciplines, the audience and fashion. FASHIONCLASH strongly believes that the art of fashion can stimulate critical debate about controversial issues in our society. By researching and questioning ‘fashion’ we learn to understand the psychology of human behaviour and its role in undermining stereotypes. The central question being asked, “How can we develop the fashion industry to improve well-being and equality?”. With themes, such as ‘Age/Art of Aging’ (FCF 2014), ‘Gender’ (FCF 2015), ‘Heritage’ (FCF 2016) and now ‘Fashion Makes Sense’ (FCF 2017) FASHIONCLASH creates narratives that rise above the superficial definition of the word ‘Fashion’. Besides the festival FASHIONCLASH also presents various cross-overs with other disciplines, master classes, social design projects and many more. In addition to Maastricht and The Netherlands, FASHIONCLASH has also collaborated in Brazil, China, Poland, Portugal, Mauritius, Germany, Belgium, France, Malta, Turkey, Gibraltar, United Kingdom, Ireland and South Africa.

As of 2016 FASHIONCLASH has been working on the development of the concept of Forza Fashion House Maastricht(FFH)  and the organization of the FFH Creative Business & Careers Development Program. The program enables (upcoming) designers to learn more about the areas that are vital to keep a fashion business working and helps them understand the business side of the creative industry.


  • provide an outspoken entrepreneurial fashion platform;
  • create a development program that connects entrepreneurship, education and creativity;
  • contribute to an ecosystem that empowers the design-maker, fashion industry and (creative) economy in Maastricht.

The goal of FASHIONCLASH for FFH is to become a knowledge institute, that educates and helps (attract) rising talent to develop into successful creative entrepreneurs and (attract) professionals to reach their full potential. A creative business hub for fashion and creative talent as of mid-2017, located on the 2nd floor of the LAB-building at Het Radium|Sphinxkwartier in Maastricht.