Fablab Catania

FABLAB CATANIA was born in 2014 to combine production, innovation, research and social networking by sharing professional expertise and advanced technological resources and tools.


Funding: User fees, services
Business-model: Alfab Srl
Community size: 51-100


via cifali 22
95123 catania

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FABLAB CATANIA  was created using an European funding, received by Invitalia. Designers, engineers, IT and illustrators compose Fablab team. We are continuously seeking for quality improvement of products and services offered, to increase its market footprint and  opportunities for customers. Fablab has a number of active agreements with local high schools and University of Catania.

The Fablab Catania’s team wants to support makers and company’s innovation and competitiveness in the development of products and technologies, from the creative stage to prototyping industrialisation.

The vision is to establish a place where small and medium-sized enterprises can outsource research and development, less and less present for cost reasons. Professionals joining the Alfab network, on the one hand, and digital numerical control machinery and software designs on the other, create a win-win mode.