Espacio Arroelo

A creative community of more thatn 60 professionals who share confidences, ideas, laughter, work and knowledge


Historical/cultural heritage area
Funding: Not publicly funded, User fees, services
Business-model: coworking space
Community size: 51-100


Michelena 11, 3º izquierda
36002 Pontevedra

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Open for a little over 4 years, Espacio Arroelo has accumulated a creative community of professionals who share confidences, ideas, laughter, work and knowledge. It is a place to collaborate and celebrate the differences of a “herd”, but to find the strength and companionship that is lacking when working in solo mode with no peer support.

Our coworking space is a dynamic and energetic space built for creativity. It is mainly based on the following values:

– Pasion: we do what we do because we love it.

– Braveness: It is forbidden not to fail. We learn by doing. We enjoy with serendipity.

-Attitude: we work with values.

– Sharing knowledge: the best thing for an idea is that it is replicated. It means it is really good.

– Inspiration: we learn and evolve together.

– Collaboration: we collaborate, we do not compite. We get better opportunities together.

– People: the most important thing is the team. Helping to each other is what make us better and better.

Some recent reviews include…

“I arrived in Pontevedra, found Arroelo online and went there. They welcomed me with a smile and since then, everything went perfect. You can just work there (nice chairs, desks, WiFi…) as it’s a fantastic space, but there’s much more: you can also feel inspired, make great friends with very different backgrounds and professional careers, and live in a big family that is always supporting each other, planning new events, having fun and encouraging the rest. They help you and you help the rest to make them, the space, the city and the world a little better too. Totally recommended!” (Juan Hernando)


“For someone like me who starts in a totally new place, work and country… Arroelo is not just a place to work but a family. This place has something that makes it special and it isn’t just the workspace, is the people who makes the place. In here I found people who is fighting for their dream and colaborates without judging. They really want to make some change in the world. I’m really glad to share space with the arroelover family and I have to recognize that they also changed me for better. I don´t know where I’m gonna be in the future but part of my soul will be always with Arroelo, Afri and María.” (Melissa Durand).

“Beautiful and friendly atmosphere. Arroelo is a strong community, made of professionals with varying skills and expertise who love learning from each other.” (Macarena Gándara).

“One of the most remarcable aspects of Arroelo is the the kindness and familiarity of those who are there, and the generosity of contributing to create a good atmosphere (Stella Mendez)

“Once, i dreamt an office…with amazing people, great atmosphere, and collaborative spirit ..And Arroelo arrived … The best coworker community i could ever imagine. Thank to everyone for making my dream come true!” (María Pierres)

I used to travel a lot and in any place I’ve visited used to go to any coworking at least for some days. I’ve never found one as this is. People are not just coworkers, are friends, they are more than friends, family!!! Always looking to help each other and the environment and atmosphere is incredible. If I should recommend one coworking among those I’ve been, I definitely recommend Arroelo.” (Cristina Volta MOntana)