DAR / Fab Lab Caldas da Rainha

DAR is an Open Design non-profit. A Repository of design resources: From immaterial mapping of creative projects to the actual management of a space that holds a Fab Lab and a co-work incubation.


Funding: Not publicly funded, User fees
Business-model: not for profit / open source / crowdfunded
Community size: 0-50


Rua General Amilcar Mota, 16
2500-209 Caldas da Rainha

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DAR is an Open Design and Culture non-profit. It is organised as a live repository where immaterial and material resources are managed and shared through its associates.

DAR proposal is based on community and inclusiveness by basing its proposal on the creative chain: SHARE, LEARN, EXPERIMENT, PRODUCE and SELL.

One of its main activities is to manage the space where physical resources are based: A Fab Lab and a social space are mixed with a café facility and an exhibition multipurpose area.