Culture Hub Croatia / Platform for Education, Creativity and Development through Culture

Our main aim is to use education, culture and creativity for development of local Croatian communities through transmission of knowledge and European expertise and through promotion of art practices.


Funding: Not publicly funded, services


Sedam Kastela 8
21000 Split
00385 98936 3264

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Through establishment of wide European partnership and joining international networks, our mission is to act in three interconnected fields:


> to provide innovative and sustainable educational opportunities to the local Croatian communities and to encourage creativity and art as a teaching methodology.

> to increase the number of trained professionals and cultural management specialists by organizing trainings and capacity building programs in collaboration with European partners.

> to increase the quality of life-long learning in Croatia.


> to create and join international networks and foster new collaborations.

> to provide assistance in applications for projects on the European level as well as their organization, implementation and evaluation.


> to promote local art, artistic and artisan practices through developing an art market in Croatia and through creating new opportunities for partner projects.

to provide support to cultural professionals, artists and interested individuals in finding funds, planning and implementing projects.


We believe that the transmission of knowledge and expertise is the basis for development of our societies. Education and collaboration are the key to achieving more inclusive, open and creative communities for a sustainable growth. 

Furthermore, being aware of the lack of support to young creatives on our local level, we wish to empower them by providing necessary guidance and opportunities for free expression of ideas and thus encourage and support the emergence of innovative cultural projects.