CRU Cowork

CRU Cowork is a collaborative coworking space in Oporto's art district. We have gathered a community of creative and highly-motivated people focused on creating and sharing what they love to do.


Funding: Not publicly funded, User fees


Rua do Rosário
4050-524 Porto

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CRU Cowork was born in 2012, in the art-district of Oporto. Since the beginning, we have gathered in the same space a group of creative and highly-motivated people focused on creating, sharing, and being part of a greater group, a community.



At CRU, we have over 400m² divided into workspaces, workshops, and leisure area. Kitchen, dining area, meeting room, a table-tennis table, and an amazing yard are available to you.



Our space is versatile and our community, multidisciplinary. The joining of people, activities, and projects brings synergies, partnerships, and friendships to life.

Designers, photographers, videographers, illustrators, plastic artists, architects, marketeers, producers, journalists, translators… Welcome!



We have working areas, but we also have spaces to have fun, gather, learn, and experiment:

Silk-screen workshop / photography studio / photography lab / meeting room / area for workshops



CRU Cowork offers a multidisciplinary space and an interesting creative ecosystem. Here, you will find an informal and relaxed environment where the mix of professionals from different areas drives the creation of synergies.

Here, we are concerned about maintaining a coherent community that is open to all who want to join us. Collaboration is the key word and each coworker represents an important professional and social contribution to a greater group.

CRU is located at the heart of the art-district of Oporto (Bombarda Art District), center of a creative cluster, in an accessible central area, surrounded by all types of services and commerce.



 Our workspace is divided into one or two-people ateliers, an open space with individual desks and a third area with round-tables that can be shared by different people.

The common areas, accessible to all, include the leisure and meal area (kitchen, table-tennis table, and bean bag chairs), the meeting room (15m²) and our amazing yard, with 70m² to relax, enjoy the sun, and the terrace.

Basic services include fiscal domicile, mail reception and general cleaning of the space.

You can also count on speedy wi-fi, air conditioning and the essential coffee. Bicycles and pets are welcome.