Comincenter is an Universosud project managed by ConUnibas - University of Basilicata Consortium in partnership with the Foundation of Matera-Basilicata 2019.


Historical/cultural heritage area
Funding: Not publicly funded, User fees, services


p.azza Matteotti 3
85100 Matera

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It’s an incubator of ideas and actions which aims to realize a new model about work active policies,
connecting university and young students with the world of work.
We renewed an unused public space and we transformed it in a place full of opportunities open to our
community and to young people from the South of Italy. Our project is supported by the Foundation
Matera-Basilicata 2019 and the University of Basilicata.
At Comincenter we work for and with people, especially young, and we mainly operate on 3 focuses:

Community and Coworking
Comincenter is the place where you can find your ambience. We have a 500 square metres space in
the 2 main towns of our Region – Matera and Potenza – and we put in it all what we love. In Matera we
took inspiration from the building where we are – an old train station – and here we work to let arrive
and start ideas, projects and connessions.

Career Tools
We know that in our country, specially in the South of Italy, there are a lot of young people who are
not working and neither looking for a job. That’s why our aim is to prepare, motivate and them to find
new work opportunities in Italy and Europe giving them tools and skills useful to create a match
between supply and demand in the world of work.

We know that students, freelance and companies always need instructional programs to improve their
knowledge and their work. We realize workshops and training sessions listening to their needs and
helping them to realize their goals. We mainly work with local consultants and trainers because we
would like to stimulate a collective growth and because we know to have some excellent professionals
around us.