Implanted in Vannes le Châtel (54), a village in Lorraine who lives the rhythm of glass and crystal for more than 2 centuries, where Daum produces its famous pâte de verre, Cerfav is a key player of the glass sector. Since its creation in 1991, Cerfav built up to itself a robust reputation of seriousness and quality acquired by an engineering of formation, an exceptional technical and human environment in Europe, as shown the graduate’s future and the technical and artistic level which they reach in their creations. In permanent research, Cerfav, certifed National Pole of Innovation, does not limit to reproduce and to convey the know-how: he’s looking for new exchanges with the professionals of the whole world and join all the innovations including into the training.


Historical/cultural heritage area
Funding: publicly-funded, User fees, services
Business-model: non profit association
Community size:


rue de la Liberté

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As National Innovation Center for Glass, including one of the firsts Fablab in France and particulary in a rural area, Cerfav is mandated by the French Ministry of Trade and Industry to support the sector in connection with glass industries, professional associations and organizations and laboratories.