BASE Milano

BASE is a creative and community hub, born to innovate the connection between culture and business, between production, promotion and dissemination in creative industries.


Funding: User fees, services


Via Bergognone 34
20144 Milano

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BASE is a new project for culture and creativity in Milan. It was created to innovate the relationship between culture and economy, future visions and everyday life.

Results today in 6,000 square meters of:

  • modular spacecs for events, workshops, laboratories, concerts, exhibitions, festivals, forums, fairs.
  • a bar where you can enjoy a break, meet friends and colleagues, work or study. A  pubblic space open to all.
  • Burò  coworking, a place to develop innovative projects in the field of cultural and creative businesses. A unique coworking space by size (2000 square meters between coworking and laboratories) divided and furnished to stimulating creativity and concentration.
  • casaBASE ,the guest-house of the BASE artist, a way of rethinking the hospitality creating the family atmosphere of the house.  One part is open to the public, while some rooms are home to artists and designers involved in projects BASE.

Our key points are building community and  interacting between different people, skills and function. Our guideline is the culture as common good and engine of socio-economic progress, individually and collectively.