An independent cultural center, AMBASADA is the first cultural social enterprise and industrial reconversion in Timisoara, bringing together dreamers that make their ideas reality.


Historical/cultural heritage area
Funding: Not publicly funded, services
Business-model: it's complicated :)
Community size:


Anton Seiller Street no 2
300160 Timisoara

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Developed as a result of 11 years of activity in the cultural but also non-profit sector (making PLAI Festival), AMBASADA aims to bring together the non-profits and the creatives, the dreamers and the doers, offering them a basic infrastructure for generating change and positive impact, but connecting them to each other and many more people and resources externally.

In less than two years of existence AMBASADA has hosted for free over 1200 events and activities, facilitated the birth of 4 NGOs, offered hundreds of hours of free consultancy, developed links and connections between doers  and participated as strategic partner in 11 projects.