Creative Hubs Barometer – Hearing Your Voice!

Barometer Survey now open!


The European Creative Hubs Network is excited to launch the Creative Hubs Barometer: a pilot annual study which will establish a baseline to compare and understand the creative hubs community in Europe over the next few years.

The purpose of the Creative Hubs Barometer is:

  • To provide an overview of the creative hubs community in Europe each year;
  • To be used by the creative hubs community, for the community as an awareness tool for each hub strategy and management;
  • To provide a basis of comparison in/over time, thus marking evolution of the creative hubs sector and changing trends.

Make your voice heard!

Fill-in the survey between 11/08 – 29/09!

Your self-assessment responses, as creative hub leaders, are vital! They will enable all of us to understand the trends in the creative hubs community, to share the knowledge and to advocate for it. The Barometer report will help strengthen the foundation and steer the direction of the European Creative Hubs Network.

All individual data retrieved in the survey will be treated confidentially. Only aggregated data will be included in the report and made public. For further information, please contact us by e-mail.

This Creative Hubs Barometer is prepared as part of the European Creative Hubs Network project, by the British Council working in collaboration with the European Creative Business Network (ECBN). ECBN is a unique not-for-profit foundation with experience in promoting the interests of the cultural and creative industries in Europe.

The first annual edition of the Barometer – an extensive report with key findings – will be prepared and presented at the European Creative Hubs Campus in Brussels on 24-26 January 2018. In addition, three policy papers with recommendations will also draw from the Barometer findings and will be shared at the event.

This study is a unique exercise of data collection in the creative hubs community, which will require minimum 100 respondents to ensure it captures a most accurate image of the creative hubs sector.