Call For Policy Proposals: Closed

Call for Policy Proposals


One of the European Creative Hubs Network project deliverables is to conduct policy analyses towards producing a recommendations’ framework that will help champion the sector and ensure Creative Hubs are supported by policy and continue to thrive.

To this end, European Business and Innovation Centres Network invites proposals from its members and from creative hubs in the ECHN network to participate in the development of three policy papers addressing existing and emerging challenges encountered by Creative Hubs.

The format of the analyses and recommendations will be that of policy papers developed with a clear objective of taking forward policy dialogue in the sector. The papers shall review existing sector policies (mapping, desk analysis, bibliography, interviews, etc.), showcase best practices or innovative practices, and provide a needs analysis of the Creative Hubs sector, and issue recommendations to improve policy at local, regional and EU level, in support of the Creative Hubs.

The proposals should also contain a draft timeline for the development of the papers, which allows for review by the ECHN team in consultation with the European Commission. The timeline should respect these key deadline: 21 July 2017: Draft literature review, 22 September 2017: Draft Paper, 15 November 2017: Final Paper.

Read the DETAILS HERE. Proposals should be submitted to before midnight on Wednesday 31 May.