First European Creative Hubs Forum Announcement

European Creative Hubs Network announces its first Forum | HOW WORK WORKS 

September 22nd – 24th 2016 @ Yugoslav Film Archive | Belgrade, Serbia


The partners of the European Creative Hubs Network project are pleased to announce the first European Creative Hubs Forum. The event organised by the leading hub in the Balkan region – Nova Iskra from Belgrade, Serbia – will take place at the Yugoslav Film Archives in Belgrade between 22 & 24 September 2016. It will bring together 100+ managers and representatives of European hubs and creative and entrepreneurial communities from more than 20 countries, as well as all relevant organisations and stakeholders from Serbia and the region of South-Eastern Europe.

Through its central question and theme – HOW WORK WORKS – the forum will investigate the shifting paradigm of work as seen through the prism of creative hubs. The forum aims to map out the diverse eco-system of hubs, and to showcase the richness, diversity and importance of the European hub landscape, having in mind that these organisations play a key role in supporting young entrepreneurs and creative professionals across the continent, as well as beyond the borders of EU.

Besides offering inspiring and insightful keynotes by leading scholars from Europe and Serbia, some of which will be open to the general public, the conference will create a space for networking and sharing of experience between hub managers through three key sessions, dedicated to various aspects of Space, Community and Business Models. The working sessions of the conference will also be followed by more informal networking formats, free consultations for local and international experts, visits to the local cultural venues and hubs, optional field trips and other special programs.

The forum will have a condensed format, gathering a number of maximum 150 participants, in order to allow effective face-to-face interactions. The overall aim is to showcase the diversity of hubs across Europe and offer creative hubs a chance to network learn and grow partnerships. The organisers are also aiming to enable participants to share personal experiences and thoughts in an environment that caters for a smaller audience and which will include several group work activities, in order to maximise participants’ opportunities to share with their peers. Over 100 applications have been received for participation in the forum, during the registration process between 20 June and 20 July 2016.

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