Peer-to-peer scheme

“Creative hubs bring together creative people. They may differ in size and focus, but ultimately ‘a hub is a hub’ when it unites, inspires and promotes a community.”


The European Creative Hubs Network Peer-to-peer exchange scheme (P2P scheme) was launched during the European Creative Hubs Forum in Belgrade, between 22 and 24 September 2016.

The P2P scheme is a mobility exchange programme to support the development and networking of creative hubs leaders across Europe. It is set-up to help creative hubs staff (leaders, founders, managers, projects or platform leads, community managers, etc.) benefit from a work experience in a different creative hub, with the aim of sharing knowledge or setting up collaborative projects.


There are 2 periods of application and travel:

  • Round 1 : September 2016 – January 2017 (ended)
  • Round 2: March 2017 – September 2018


Call for applications

Creative hub leaders interested in benefiting from the scheme will be invited to apply for Round 2, as follows:

  • Open call for applications: Monday, 27/03/2017
  • Deadline for application: Sunday, 23/04/2017
  • Exchange period: 01/05/2017 – 17/09/2017

Creative hub leaders interested in benefiting from the scheme are invited to apply during the application period.

We are currently revising the Application form and P2P Guidelines, based on feedback we received from the beneficiaries of Round 1. The two documents will be made available on the day the call for applications opens.

In the mean-time, you could check out the previous  P2P Guidelines for an idea of what is expected of the beneficiaries.


Call for creative hub hosts

In order to facilitate the P2P exchange further, we would like to publish a list of creative hubs willing to receive/host a creative hub leader. This will help interested applicants research and reach out to those hubs which fit better with their exchange and learning objectives.

Creative hubs willing to host a creative hub leader for a P2P exchange, are kindly asked to let us know by e-mail at , before 22/02/2017.

  • List of creative hubs willing to host a leader (as at 10/02/2017*):
Country City Creative Hubs Contact
Belgium Brussels LaVallee Pierre Pevee
Bosnia & Herzegovina Sarajevo Networks INT Senad Alibegovic
Georgia Tbilissi CBC / Georgia Creative Business Cup Ellada Delianidi
Germany Berlin Coconat Julianne Becker
Italy Milan BASE Valentina La Terza
Portugal Porto CRU Cowork Tânia Santos 
Romania Brasov Alchemy Hub Sorin Peligrad
Spain Málaga The Living Room Ben Kolp
Sweden Malmö STPLN Joshua Ng
Turkey Istanbul ATÖLYE Atılım Şahin 
UK Glasgow Many Studios Natalia Palombo or Becca Thomas

*Please note the list is updated once a week, on Friday

How it works

What is the Peer-to-peer exchange scheme?

The Peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange scheme sets up to boost collaborative work and knowledge exchange between creative hubs in Europe.  By supporting the mobility of creative hub leaders to other hubs, we enable learning and exchange of best practices, and foster international collaboration and co-creation. P2P is an activity of the European Creative Hubs Network, which is co-funded by the European Commission. This activity is led by the British Council.

P2P supports mobility of creative hub leaders across Europe, from all Creative Europe programme countries towards all Creative Europe programme countries. In parallel, our friends at Hivos are running a mobility programme in the MENA region, to support creative hubs and spaces across the region through their Mideast Creatives mobility grant.

What are the Grants?

The European Creative Hubs Network has therefore planned to support 50 beneficiaries in experiencing working in a different Creative Hub and learning from the experience or setting up a collaborative project. The grants have a value of 1000 EUR, and are aimed to help cover partially the costs of travel, accommodation and subsistence of beneficiaries who set up for a work experience in a different creative hub. Because this grant is seen as a partial financial aid, peers are encouraged to spend at least 3 full working days in the hosting creative hub, but there is no upper limitation on the amount of time beneficiaries can spend in another creative hub. For the full details of the mobility grant process, please read below.

Who is eligible?

We hope to receive applications from professionals leading creative hubs across Europe, who are:

  • Based in Europe:
    •  All 28 EU Member States;
    • Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey;
    • Norway, Iceland.
  • Running established or emerging hubs (and everything in between);
  • Running multidisciplinary or sector specific creative hubs;
  • Full of inspiring ideas and best practices on partnership development, governance, non-traditional funding initiatives, cross-sectoral expansion, collaboration on projects, business models, etc.
  • Showing motivation to learn from, connect with and share experience with other creative hubs managers.

What happens afterwards?

If you receive a grant to take part in this P2P scheme – congratulations, you get to make travel plans! You get to meet your host hub, their staff and community, work with them, learn and teach them. You might even get some new ideas! And after your return, you will have to let us and everyone know about your experience. Basically, you will need to prepare a report – but don’t be scared, this report can take any shape: a video, a series of articles/blog posts, an interactive photo/video montage, or just a formal report (max. 2-4 pages). We enthusiastically encourage you to use your creativity and innovative talent, and surprise us.

How to apply?

Creative hub leaders are invited to apply for the P2P scheme by filling in the necessary documentation listed below, and submitting it in pdf format, by e-mail to , before the application deadline!

  • Application form (new version will be made available on 27/03/2017)
  • Curriculum Vitae (max. 2 pages)

We also kindly advise you to read through the whole P2P Guidelines (new version will also be available on 27/03/2017) to help prepare your application.