An online platform of & for creative hubs

We are so delighted to finally be able to launch the European Creative Hubs Network website!

The websites wishes to be a platform of convergence for all creatives in Europe, whether a hub, a professional, an innovative business or an individual, each looking to connect with creative hubs across the continent.

We wanted to collect and offer highly relevant and equally engaging content, in the easiest way possible, therefore this platform features several options:

  • a map of creative hubs across Europe, with the option of searching by several criteria (Find a hub feature)
  • an opportunity for creative hubs across Europe to make themselves seen by becoming part of the map ( Add a hub feature)
  • a way to follow the most recent news from the sector, as well as read inspiring and engaging pieces focusing on the creative economy sector and showcasing amazing hubs ( Blog & News section)
  • an opportunity to learn and enhance your skills and your hub through a collection of tools & kits, workshops and online resources, all freely available (Tool&Learning section)
  • the chance to follow our project events, as well as others from the sector (Events section)

Since we are so keen to hear about and feature inspiring stories from the sector, we are inviting you to share with everyone news about your hub! You can do this by:

  • Adding your creative hub to the map!
  • Sharing with us your news, info, ideas, photos, events, resources…!
  • Interacting with us through social media… we like it when there’s buzz!