European Creative Hubs Fora

The Creative Hubs Fora are key events to develop the network.

Forum is based on the methodology developed at the European Creative Hubs Forum, in Lisbon in January 2015, but with new elements that will include :

  • Curation of the forum: each forum will be co-curated by a specific steering group, composed of the 3 hosting creative hubs together local creative partners and peers from other creative hubs in Europe. This means that the fora will be hosted, curated and delivered by Creative Hubs.
  • Thematic approach: each forum will look at a specific theme which will run as a narrative through each, providing participants with a variety of perspectives and thought provoking approaches. Our initial thoughts on the 3 fora foresee talking about:
    • Collaborative spaces and organisations
    • Growth and Innovation
    • Challenges of the collaborative economy
  • Condensed format: each forum will gather about 100 hub managers in order to allow effective direct face-to-face interactions.
  • Innovative participatory format: to embark the participants into a real collective experience: open innovation workshops and hack type formats will also be included in the fora, in order to provide a variety of learning tools and to keep the programme energetic.
  • More group work activities: We found that larger-sized fora like the one in Lisbon (over 200 participants) tend to be challenging for the participants, as they find it difficult to share their personal experiences and thoughts to an audience of that size. This time around, we will design an environment that caters for a smaller audience and will include more group work activities in order to give participants more opportunities to share with their peers.